Cas No 
ShapeSpherical Beads / Round Shapes
Chemical formulaSiO2
Saflık Purity % 
Specific Gravity (g/cm3) 
Available Sizes (mm)1-3,3-5,5-7 mm
Pore Volume
0.5 cm3/g
Adsorption capacity (%)
min. % 20(%40 Relatif Nem, 25℃)
min. % 33(%80 Relatif Nem, 25℃)
Product ColorWhite, Blue, Orange
Definitionsilicagel is the most common moisture absorbing material used in the world. Due to the nanometer pores in its structure, it has a very high surface area and keeps the moisture with high efficiency. It’s available in White, Blue and Orange colors. Blue silicagel’s color changes from dark blue to pink when dehumidification capacity saturated and mostly used to protect moisture sensitive products. Orange silicagel turns into green color when moisture absorption capacity reaches saturation due to its special organic indicator.
UsesIndusrial air drying systems
Protection of food products
Storage (Food, Chemicals, Pharmaceutical,..)
Packaging (leather, food, sensitive products,..)
Pharmaceuticals and laboratories
Protection of electronic materials
Transport sector (ships, containers,..)
Glass industry
AppearanceTransparent beads
Packing Type (25Kg-45Kg)
IBC Tank

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