Caustic Soda Flake

Caustic Soda Flake

Cas No 
ShapeWhite, Solid Flakes
Chemical formulaNaOH
Saflık Purity %98 % min
Specific Gravity (g/cm3)2.13 g/cm3 (25 ℃’de)
Molecular weight39.997 g/mol
SynonymsSodium hydroxide, Caustic Soda
DefinitionSodium Hydroxide, also known as Caustic soda, is a White, desiccant substance. It is soluble in water and forms a soft, slippery and soap-sensing solution.İt’s Odorless and has liquid and solid forms. Solid form such as flakes, prills-pearls. In liquid form, it is usually in the form of an aqueous solution. It has an irritating effect on human tissue.
UsesIt’s used in the production and synthesis of many chemicals in industry, textile industry, cleaning of artificial silk, paper, paint, oily soils, aluminum and food industry, detergent and soap production, oil refineries.


AppearanceWhite, waxy, opaque crystals
Melting point 323 ℃
Boiling Point 1388 ℃
Solubility in water 418g/L (0 ℃)
1000 g/L(25 ℃)
3370 g/L(100 ℃)
Solubilitysoluble in glycerol
negligible in ammonia
insoluble in ether
slowly soluble in propylene glycol

Packing Type (25K)


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