Iron Sulfate

Iron Sulfate
Cas No7720-78-7
ShapeSolid, Blue or Green crystal
Chemical formulaFeSO4
Saflık Purity % 
Specific Gravity (g/cm3)2.84(g/cm3)
Molecular weight (g/mol)151.90 (g/mol)
SynonymsGreen vitriol, plant and soil vitamin
DefinitionIron sulfate is a compound with FeSO4.7H2O formula that depending to it’s pH can be produced in shape of blue or green crystals.In normal condition, there is 7 water molecules in the Iron sulfate combination and if dried, it will lose 6 molecules and change ito a White monohydrate powder
UsesProduction of fertilizers Agriculture Farmland and orchards
AppearanceWhite powder
Melting point680 ℃ decomposes(anhydrous) 100 ℃ (heptahydrate) 70 ℃, decomposes (hexahydrate)
Boiling Point740 ℃(anhydrous) 280 ℃ decomposes(heptahydrate)
Solubility in water57.7 g/100 mL, anhydrous (20℃) (In aqueous solutions with a pH < 5)
Packing Type
Big Bag

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